Products We Use And Trust

At Contravans, we use the highest quality products in order to deliver the best, most reliable Contra Systems to our customers. We share that information so you can see what we do, learn more about the products, and even buy them for yourself if you’re working on a DIY project. Follow the links below to learn more.



Our owner used the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook for his own van conversion. This 378-page e-book is excellent and extremely comprehensive! The information contained within applies to more that just the Mercedes Sprinter. It contains conversion product reviews, plumbing how-to info, planning advice, insulation info and much more. It’s the best sourcebook we’ve seen. For $37 how could you go wrong?


Rooftop Tents

From simple two-person units to overland units with annexes, the options for rooftop tents are endless. We use a couple of the smaller units on our minivan conversions and 4-seater, 4-sleeper cargo van conversions. Check out this great supplier of roof top tents!

Side Awning - Yakima Slim Shady

This awning mounts quickly and easily to the side of almost any roof rack and only takes up six inches of bar space so it won't crowd your kayaks, cargo boxes, or bikes. It's super easy to use and delivers 42 square feet of shady coverage on summer days. A locking mechanism prevents theft.

Rhino Rack 270 Degree Batwing Awning

The Batwing Awning is easy use, provides 270 degrees of shade and 11sqm of coverage. It is made from a heavy-duty, water and mold resistant material that has been tested and rated to UPF 50 +, offering maximum sun protection. All existing awning accessories including side walls, extension pieces and tents are still compatible, increasing your coverage even more.

Single Burner Stove

This type of stove is simple, easy-to-use and provides enough power for all your cooking needs. Cleaning and maintaining the burner is easy, just wipe clean and store. It uses and 8 oz butane canister or 16.4 oz propane tank. Both fuels are cost effective and easy to find at any local retailer or on Amazon.

Water Jugs

Whether you’re out for a day, a week, or a lifestyle, carrying enough water is key. Depending upon which Contravans System we’re working on, we use all different sizes and brand of these water jugs.

Build Items

Renogy Solar Panel Kits

Specifically designed for mobile applications, Renogy solar kits allow for aesthetically clean flush mounting on walls and are negative-grounded for battery compatibility. They also feature an LCD screen for displaying system operation information and allow for full control of parameter settings. The controller comes equipped with a fully comprehensive self-diagnostic system and electronic protection functions to prevent damage from installation mistakes or system faults.

MaxxAir Vent Fans

MaxxAir makes the best, quietest fans on the market. At Contravans, we install the 4500k or the 7500k models. When the lid is closed, the MAXXFAN will still operate to circulate air inside your van.

  • High-powered 10-speed intake and exhaust fan

  • Manual opening or remote control electric opening models available

  • Rain Sensor closes lid if it rains

Insulation - 3M Thinsulate

  • Delivers more acoustic absorption per unit weight vs. competitive products

  • Non-woven sound absorbing fibers create a quieter vehicle environment

  • Hydrophobic fibers resist moisture, mold and mildew. Install just the insulation — there's no need for an additional waterproof layer during application. Thinsulate acoustic insulation is resistant to mildew growth, reducing the risk of offensive odors.

AIMS Pure Sine Inverter

Not all of our customers require 1500 Watts of AC power, but when they do we use this reliable pure sine wave inverter. This inverter provides 1500W continuous power in pure sine wave form, so all of your electronics will be safely charged. It has a USB Port, triple AC receptacles, an over temperature indicator, overload protection and a low battery voltage warning/shutdown.

Recessed LED Puck Lights

These recessed mount LEDs with spring clips provide a clean and neat finish after installation. Add a dimmer switch to set the mood in your van just right. Best of all, they’re designed for use in vehicles, so they’re shock and vibration resistant.


Available in various sizes and lengths, here are links to some of the wire that we use.

battery doctor.jpg

Battery Doctor Battery Isolator (AGM Batteries Only)

The Battery Doctor is a high-performance electronic isolator that allows you to charge two batteries from a single alternator. It keeps the starting battery isolated from your auxiliary battery, but charges both while the engine is running. You’ll never be stranded off-grid with the Battery Doctor. With a single push of the override/reset button, you can use the charge in your auxiliary battery to jump start your vehicle! A great entry-level priced product that performs reliably. Not for use with lithium batteries or alternators over 150 amps.

sure power.jpg

Sure Power Battery Separator (Any Style Battery)

The 1314-200 (unidirectional) and 1315-200 (bidirectional) are 200A battery separator modules with an integrated relay for 12V systems. The units monitor both the starting and auxiliary battery banks. If the starting battery is above the 13.2V connect threshold, the relay connects the two banks together so your alternator charges both the starting battery and the auxiliary battery. If the starting battery is below the 12.8V disconnect threshold the unit will disconnect the auxiliary battery and charge only the starting battery. This will preserve 100% of the starting battery capacity for engine cranking. Use the 1315-200 (bidirectional) if you want the option to reverse the current and jump start your engine with your auxiliary battery bank.

Mega Fuses & Bussman Fuse Holder

Even after installing a battery isolator, it’s very important to add fuses to protect your system. Mega fuses and Bussman mega fuse holders are a great way to ensure that an electrical short does not ruin your day. Make sure you use the appropriate amperage rating for your system.

Folding Shelf / Table Brackets

These brackets come in all different lengths and sizes. We often use the 12” reach on our builds. These brackets are strong, simple to install, and easy-to-use. They add a great custom touch to any build as a shelf or table extension.

Must-have Tools

Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant

Installing a vent fan or solar panels? Dicor is a must-use product. Don’t skimp on this step, use the best product on the market and keep your van dry on the inside.

Spray Contact Adhesives - 3M 80 and 3M 90

  • Fast-setting, high strength contact adhesive for attaching insulation or bonding rubber and vinyl inside your van

  • Features exceptional heat resistance for long-term durability

Dewalt Step Bit Set

Step bits are very useful because they can be used to drill a range of different sized holes with a single bit. They also help prevent you from drilling too far through interior body panels thereby denting and damaging the exterior panels of your van.

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