Minivan Conversion Systems

From complete transformations to installing a roof rack and awning, Contravans is your source for all your minivan conversion needs.


Complete Minivan Conversion Systems


Perfect for those who prefer one stop shopping, our complete minivan conversion systems have everything you need to travel, camp, sleep, cook, relax, and more. We provide everything you need from electrical stations to custom memory foam mattresses.

Prices range from $2,498 for partial systems to $9,998 for fully accessorized systems

New models and options are always in the works, so stay tuned! If you’re looking for something different, contact us to discover what we can do for you.



Partial Minivan Conversion Systems

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles or just want one piece of what we offer, we’re happy to help. You can order just a kitchen system, just a bed, or just about anything else.


The “Refuel” Kitchen System

Equipped with everything you need to fuel your active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Crafted with beautiful baltic birch and a durable sealant, Contravans Systems will last for years. Our Kitchen Systems are loaded with features, including:

  • Sink with a Tap & Drain

  • 3 Gallon Water/Waste Tanks

  • Storage for Your Cooler, Cookware and More

Prices start at $2,498

Refrigerator, flip-up locking table, slide out drawers, and other accessories are available


The “Lounge & Recharge” Interior System

Store your gear in our custom bench seat and sleep comfortably on a memory foam mattress. Convert the bed in seconds and hit the road to enjoy your next stop.

  • Fold-out or slide-out bed options available

  • Seating for 3 to 5 people, depending upon the design layout

Prices start at $3,998


Practical, roomy, loaded with cool features, and even fun to drive; minivan designs have come a long way and so have their owners! Now you can add another cool feature to get even more out of your minivan. Our Minivan Camper Systems fit in a number of vehicles.

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