Minivan Camper Systems


Drive in Style

Practical, roomy, loaded with cool features, and even fun to drive; minivan designs have come a long way and so have their owners! Now you can add another cool feature to get even more out of your minivan. Our Minivan Camper Systems fit in a number of vehicles, including:

  • Dodge Grand Caravan (2015-present)

  • Toyota Sienna (2005-present)

  • Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona and more!



Equipped with everything you need to fuel your active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Crafted with beautiful baltic birch and a durable sealant, Contravans Systems will last for years. Our Systems are loaded with features, including:

  • Sink with a Tap & Drain

  • 3 Gallon Water/Waste Tanks

  • Single Burner Gas Stove

  • Storage for Your Cooler, Cookware and More


Lounge & Recharge

Your convertible dinette serves as a home on wheels. Eat your meals inside with our removable table, store your gear in our custom bench and sleep comfortably in the double bed.

  • Foldaway Table

  • Secondary Bench

  • Double Bed

  • Ample Storage

  • Blackout Window Blinds Available