How to Measure

There are only a few key measurements that you need to verify if one of our units will fit your vehicle. The 5 step process below will show you how to capture those key measurements. These are the same measurements we will need if you are custom ordering a unit for your unique needs. Follow these steps below to see what will work for your vehicle.


Step1 - Measure Depth of Cargo Area at the Bottom

First, place a tape measure on the floor of the rear cargo area of your vehicle. Measure from the base of the seats (or the first major structure that the Car Camper will bump into) to the rear of the cargo area. NOTE: Be sure to measure with the door open and closed in order to account for any plastic trim, door handles or other items that might hit the Car Camper in a given configuration. Measure to the shallowest point.

In this particular situation, we have 39 inches of depth until the point where the door trim, when closed, would contact the Car Camper.


Step 2 - Measure Height of the Back of the Seats

Place the rear seats in the position that will be most comfortable for riding. Measure from the floor of your vehicle to the highest point on the back of seats that you want the Car Camper to reach. In most situations, we do not recommend designing a unit that is taller than the tops of the seats. This is for clear rear visibility while driving and maintaining a useful, but compact Car Camper.

In this particular situation, we have 22.5 inches of height to the top of the rear seats. This is plenty of height to create a Car Camper that will store all of you camping gear.


Step 3 - Measure Depth at the Top of the Seats

One of the most crucial and often overlooked measurements is depth at the top of the seats with the door closed.

Place the rear seats in the position that will be most comfortable for riding. Place a level vertically on the position you captured in Step 1. Be sure that the level is completely vertical and that you’re measuring straight up from the rear most point captured in Step 1. We want to make sure the Car Camper will fit while the door is closed!

Measure back toward the rear of the vehicle from the point you captured in step 2. Remember to measure from the point in Step 2 to the point you captured in Step 1. We want to make sure the Car Camper will fit behind the seats while driving, and while the door is closed!

In this particular situation, we have 32.5 inches of depth from the top of the seats (at the 22.5 inch point we measured in Step 2) back to the edge of the measurement that we captured in Step 1.

In this particular case, we chose to make this Car Camper unit 30 inches deep so the seats could be reclined slightly more.


Step 4 - Measure Width at the Rear Door Opening

The width of the cargo area of most vehicles is wider than the rear hatch door opening. Be sure to measure the usable width of the rear opening before measuring other areas for width.

Most vehicles have a curved plastic trim piece that starts at the bottom corners of the rear hatch. This trim piece usually occupies 2-3 inches of space. Since our Car Campers have a door that doubles as a table, we can only make the Car Campers as wide as the flat portion of the vehicle’s rear hatch opening.

In this particular situation, we have 40 inches of usable width for our Car Camper. This still provides plenty of width for multiple drawers and storage sections.


Step 5 - Double Check the Width

Using the measurement you captured in Step 4, double check the width inside the cargo area. Make sure that there are no trim pieces sticking out that will disrupt the positioning of the Car Camper.

Check to be sure that the floor is level and that there are no seat belt mounts, tie downs or other items that will affect the width of the Car Camper or how it will sit on the floor.

In this particular situation, we found not width measurements that were less than the 40 inch measurement we captured in Step 4. There are no adjustments necessary to the width of this particular unit.


Step 6 - Reach Out to Us

Now that you have your key measurements captured, send us a quick note about the Car Camper you would like to purchase. We’ll provide you with a design that already fits or our design team will create one for you that fits your ride perfectly.