General Info

1) What is Car Camping? Car camping simply means that you load up all of your gear for the trip in your car, pull into your campsite, and set up your tent on a designated tent pad. This experience can also be called "base camping". When car camping, there's no hiking or backpacking involved in getting to your site. As such, the weight of your gear, or how much you pack, is of little concern as long as it all fits in your car. There's no need to skimp on any of the luxuries that will make your weekend comfy and unforgettable.

2) Will you do custom work on vehicles not mentioned on the site? Our focus is on the vehicles listed and pictured on our site. However, we have experience with all kinds of vehicles. We will do custom work on almost anything that our build schedule allows while remaining focused on serving our core customers.

3) What if I just want a fan or window installed? Do you do partial builds? Absolutely! Let us know what you need and we’ll get you on the schedule ASAP!

4) Where are you located? We’re located in Denver, CO on the north side of the city. Visits to the shop are by appointment only, so please contact us first if you want to stop by.

5) Do you offer financing? We do not offer in-house financing at this time. Depending on what region of the country you live in, we can recommend a third party option.

6) Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept all forms of payment including: major credit cards, bank transfers, checks and cash. We prefer secure bank transfers through our online portal. Large credit card orders will be assessed an additional 2.9% to cover transaction fees.

7) The vehicle I want to convert is my daily driver. Do you provide a loaner vehicle during the conversion process? Yes, we can. We always try to have at least one vehicle that can be rented out during your conversion process. As long as it’s available, you can rent it at a reduced rate for the duration of your build.

8) Do you rent vehicles so I can try one before I buy my own? We have several options for renting our vehicles to test before you buy. Check out our “FOR RENT” page to see if there is a rental company with our products in your area. We also periodically rent our R&D fleet vehicles, so check back often to see what’s available.

9) Do your products come with a warranty? Yes, each Contravans product comes with a 6-month warranty on the parts and craftsmanship. If it breaks during normal use, we’ll fix or replace it.

10) Can I purchase supplies or partial conversion components from you? The answer is almost always, “YES”. We can do partial conversion work for you or sell you the parts and let you install them. We also provide links on our “PRODUCTS WE USE AND TRUST” page so you can order for yourself. If you don’t see what you need there, just ask and we’ll source it for you. No warranty is included for items that we do not install at our shop.

Car Camper Info

1) Do you make a Car Camping System for my vehicle? If we don’t make something for your vehicle yet, chances are it’s on our list. Tell us about your vehicle and want you want. We’ll let you know how long it may take to develop and what the cost will be.

2) Will any of these Car Campers fit my vehicle? We aren’t yet familiar with all of the thousands of combinations of vehicle setups out there. So, we created a how-to guide for measuring for Car Camper fit. Head over to the How to Measure page for a 5-step tutorial on capturing the measurements that we need to match a Car Camper to your vehicle.

3) Is the Car Camper removable? Yes! We design every car camper to be easily removable. Handles on both sides make it easy for two people to install or remove the unit in seconds.

4) How is the Car Camper secured in my vehicle? We provide two adjustable straps to secure the unit in place. Use the straps to tie the handles to factory tie down locations in the back of your vehicle.

5) What colors are available? Our Car Campers can be finished in any color you choose or varnished wood grain finish.

Minivan Camper Info

1) Which minivan should I get? Ultimately, that is up to you. Each vehicle manufacturer and model has pros and cons. Our recommendation is that you test drive several models and pick the one that you like best. After all, this is a vehicle, so driver ergonomics and ride comfort are two of the most important features that will ensure you love your minivan conversion.

2) Do you work on my minivan? Absolutely! Our portfolio of products and capabilities is growing every day. If we don’t show something on the website specifically designed for your minivan yet, now is the chance for you to get a custom conversion that perfectly suits your needs.

3) How many seats will my minivan conversion have for driving? We have designs that enable 4-5 people to ride comfortably in your minivan.

4) How many people does it sleep? Our most popular conversions include a full size bed. Two to three people can sleep comfortably inside. We also add rooftop tents to our conversions so you have a place for the entire family to sleep!

5) Can you install a refrigerator? Yes, we do it often. Depending upon your setup, you may also require a solar panel to ensure your battery maintains a charge to keep the fridge working all day and night, so remember to include that in your budget and design ideas.

6) Do you sell the vehicle and camper conversion together? We are not a licensed dealer, so we do not sell many completed conversions at this time. You will need to purchase the vehicle separately from purchasing our conversion. However, we do occasionally sell vehicles from our R&D fleet. Check out the “FOR SALE” page to see what we have available.

Cargovan Camper Info

1) Do you work on full-size vans? Contravans is focused on compact cargo vans, minivans and SUVs. We work on the Ford Transit Connect, Ram Promaster City, Mercedes Metris, Nissan NV200 and similar sized vans. While our products will fit inside larger vans, typically they will not utilize the space efficiently. If you’re looking for a great full-size conversion, we recommend you talk to our friends at Vanlife Customs.

2) Why choose a compact cargo van over a large full-size van? Compact cargo vans get great gas mileage, fit in your garage, are less conspicuous, are easy to park on the street, and are budget-friendly. While you can’t put all of the same build features in a compact van as a full-size van, you can still experience the same amount of adventure.

3) Which compact cargo van should I get? Each cargo van manufacturer and model has pros and cons. Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but we can help you decide. Our recommendation is that you test drive several models and pick the one that you like to drive the best. After all, this is a vehicle, so driver ergonomics and ride comfort are two of the most important features that will ensure you love your cargo van conversion for years to come.

4) How long does the install take? Typically, it takes us 3 days to install a Cargovan Camper System. We pre-order and pre-assemble as much as possible to shorten your wait time. Custom builds can take 2-4 weeks.

5) If I order today, how long will the entire process take? The process can be as short as 2 weeks, depending upon how quickly you can get your van to us and how many openings we have on our schedule. We’ll be as flexible as possible to get your van in and out quickly. The end-to-end process from order to build to delivery usually takes about 1 month.

6) How long is the bed? On most builds, we use a full size memory foam mattress. They measure 54” wide x 75” long. Smaller, custom sizes, and folding mattesses are available as well. The Mercedes Metris is large enough to fit a queen size mattress 60” wide x 80” long.

7) Can you put a toilet in it? We can, but do you really want to? Storage space is limited and so is your ability to use a toilet in a compact cargo van. You may want to consider using a cassette toilet, but they are mostly for emergency use.

8) Can you install a refrigerator? Yes, as long as there is room in your particular conversion setup. Adding a refrigerator takes up a lot of valuable storage space. Unfortunately, we cannot add a refrigerator to our drawer system. You may also require a solar panel to ensure your battery maintains a charge to keep the fridge working all day and night, so remember to include that in your budget and design ideas.

9) Do you insulate the cargo vans? Insulation can be added to any Cargovan System, but it is not included in the base package. We use 3M Thinsulate insulation in the walls and ceiling when customers request it.

10) Do you have vans for sale? We do not keep a large inventory of vans. However, we may have some test vehicles or rentals available from time to time. Check our “FOR SALE” page to see what we have available.