We've invested over 500 hours of Research & Development into our kit design so you don't have to. Rather than scraping through a DIY project or waiting months to schedule your costly customized build, we can get you on the road in a couple weeks.

Order and Build Process

  • Purchase a van through one of our dealers or your local dealer.

  • Contact us to place an order for your Contra System.

  • Choose from countless accessories like roof racks, floor mats, awnings, bike racks and more to customize your setup.

  • Select ready-to-use options to add to your build such as: bed sets, cook sets and folding chairs.

  • Schedule your installation date a minimum of two weeks out so we can begin cutting, welding & manufacturing your build.

  • Send us half the amount at the time of purchase and the remaining balance post-installation.

  • Have the dealer ship your van to us or bring it yourself to our Denver office (6321 Washington St Unit P, Denver, CO 80216) for a 2-3 day install.

  • Adventure away!