Standard Cargo Van Drawer Style

Our Standard Model Campervan System has a full size bed, two adjustable storage drawers and two floating countertops. Just load all of your gear into the drawers and drive to your favorite spot. Upon arrival, configure the countertops however you like. You can even take them off and carry them to the nearest bench or campsite.


Standard Model Features:

  • Full size memory foam mattress

  • Dimmable LED lighting and rear exterior light

  • Wall panels and ceiling panel

  • 10-speed vent fan

  • 400W inverter and 12V charging stations

Drawer Dimensions:

  • Drivers side: 53”long x 19.5”wide x 10.5”high with adjustable dividers

  • Passenger side: 41”long x 19.5”wide x 10.5”high with adjustable dividers

Sliding Door Cubby Dimensions:

  • 16”wide x 12”tall x 48”deep

    Prices start at $9,698


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