Custom Cargo Van Conversions

In today’s world, the options for cargo van platforms and configurations are nearly endless. People are building everything from ambulances to school buses. Contact us today to discuss your needs, wants, ideas and dreams. We can adapt what we have to fit your ride, or we’ll create a fully custom interior. Either way, we’ll help turn your ideas into reality in whatever style vehicle you have.


Custom Conversion Options:

  • Custom cabinets and storage solutions

  • Flooring - vinyl, hardwood, and rubberized options available

  • Wall panels - available in colored Formica for a smooth finish or covered in any automotive fabric

  • Ceiling panel - available in our timeless slatted style or flat panels in various colors

  • Bed platform of various heights and sizes

  • LED lighting on a dimmer

  • 10-speed vent fan

  • Auxiliary batteries, charging system, inverter, USB charging stations, etc.

  • Solar panel, charge controller, blue tooth system monitor

    Prices vary based upon vehicle and selected options